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Why Realms FX?

Realms FX is one of the most experienced forex traders in the world, connecting clients to a wide range of Global financial markets.
Through our MT4 account, you can start trading in hot global products such as foreign exchange, gold, crude oil, CFDs, and so on. Only one account is needed to control the global market.

Ultra-Low Spreads

Whether it is foreign exchange, commodities, CFDs, or even a single stock, we can provide ultra-low spreads.

User-Centric Terminal

Trade according to your preferences with our fully-customizable and ergonomic MT4 user terminal.

Funds Security

We follow the international financial regulations on customer funds, a variety of deposit methods are available, and all customer funds are reconciled daily.

Fast Execution

We provide institutional-level trading environment and quotation. The extremely stable trading environment, allows you to accurately execute your trading plan.

Intelligent Trading Platform

From the independently developed WebTrader to the most popular MetaTrader 4 experience to give you an unprecedented trading experience.

24/5 Customer Service

With a global presence, our experienced multilingual customer service team is available 24/5 during market opening hours for personalized service.

About Realms FX

Realms FX originally originated from the Realms financial technology company founded in June 2020. It once focused on providing technical services to financial companies and financial platforms. Now in response to the trend of financial markets and the wave of blockchain innovation, Realms Tech founded Realms FX with years of financial experience Global Exchange provides a series of mature foreign exchange asset portfolios for traders.

Maintaining a sincere, dedicated and professional team makes Realms FX the fastest-growing foreign exchange trading service provider, providing quality services to our valued customers around the world.

Realms FX provides global mainstream trading products, covering the following three categories of products, and provides highly competitive low spread accounts.

The world's most mainstream Forex online trading platform


The world's most common MT4 platform, over the years to build a powerful system, with a variety of intelligent tools. In Realms FX, you can use the chart tool box in the MT4 platform, "EA Expert Advisor" to conduct a comprehensive technical analysis, thereby enjoying a good trading experience.

Most Popular Online Trading System In the Market

With many advanced functions and trading tools, combined with an intuitive and friendly interactive interface, our professional MetaTrader 4 desktop version trading system can meet all your needs for trading foreign exchange, precious metals and CFDs.

Fast Order Execution

Our server architecture is based on the Equinix data center – which has been serving the world’s top Banks and financial institutions to ensure the fastest and most efficient execution of orders.

Institutional Liquidity Support

We connect more than a dozen of the world’s top liquidity quotes to provide clients with institution-level liquidity access, to ensure ultra-low spread trading from 0.0.

No Trader Interference

Choose Realms FX, no repeated quotes, no interference from traders. We provide our customers with a completely transparent trading environment where all orders are executed fairly and openly.

Minimum Deposit

Maximum Leverage

Customer Support

Minimal Transaction

Our Product Offerings






Liquidity Provider

Realms FX is committed to establishing friendly and stable cooperative relations with many important liquidity suppliers in the market, and has installed advanced integration technology on the MT4 platform, which can combine different market depth liquidity to provide customers with the most real-time quotation. The most competitive low spreads and the best liquidity.

In addition, the company adopts the STP straight-through processing system as the business model, which provides transparent pricing, so that the platform and customers do not have any conflict of interest, and improve the transaction performance of each other.

Sufficient liquidity to satisfy all legitimate trading requests of all investors, and can also provide investors with excellent trading quotes and lower spreads.

On the Road to Investment

Sincere Relationship     Best Trading Partner     Good Teacher

24/5 Customer

Service Support

During the market opening hours, our experienced customer service team is ready to provide you with personalized service 24/5.

Direct to

MetaTrader 4

The most advanced trading system for foreign exchange, precious metals and CFDs is directly connected to the MT4 mobile port.

Make Your

Investment Worthwhile

Our goal is to provide you with full range of ultra-low spread & interest trading products, so that your investment has no worries.

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Risk Disclosure: Foreign exchange margin trading has high risks, may not be suitable for every investor. Before applying and entering into any foreign exchange margin trading and CFDs, you should carefully consider your goals, financial situation, needs and level of experience, and consult independent if necessary professional consultant. The role of foreign exchange margin and CFD leverage is to amplify your profits and losses. Please ensure that you fully understand before formal trading risks, including the loss of the principal may be much higher than your initial investment, if you cannot bear the loss, please do not invest rashly. Before you decide to use our services, please browse the legal documents page to download and carefully read our risk warning and terms of use. Please note that the information on this website is not intended for residents of any country or jurisdiction that is inconsistent with the laws and regulations described on this website. Realms FX  is not a Financial adviser and provides you with general advice only. It does not provide any advice or advice on the acquisition, holding or selling of margin trading.

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